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Printing Specification

Can I request Spot Colour?

Yes. We print using a 4-colour process, meaning that all of our products are printed with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK) inks, and we provide Spot Colour for custom print orders as well.

What kinds of varnish (coating) do you use?

Depending on the product you are ordering, it will either have high-gloss, gloss, semi-gloss, silk finish, or matte finish

Can I place an order for a custom size cards or Luxe Collection cards?

If you are interested in custom sizes or Luxe Collection cards please email us your specs for a custom quote. (

When preparing press-ready digital files, what size should I build my file to?

Please build your press-ready digital files to bleed size by adding 0.125" for all your print products.

Order Management

What can I do if my order hasn't shown up in the specified time?

Please allow extra 1 to 3 business days. After that if the order still hasn’t arrive, please let us know immediately, and we will resolve the issue.

My order arrived and it's damaged, What should I do?

The delivery might cause the products damaged. If that is the case, please do contact our customer service department, provide a digital photo of the damaged product and provide as much detail about the problem as possible. Our quality check team will not allow damaged products to be shipped out, and so the damage could have occurred during the shipping and delivery process. However, if you do receive a damaged product, we’ll try our best to replace the damaged item(s).

If I received a damage product, do I need to return it to Matrix Print Solution?

After we have inspected the digital image from you, we will follow up with you if its necessary to return the damaged product.

What if I’m no longer interested in the damaged product, but want my money refunded?

We only ship out products that pass our quality check standards, which means it would have satisfactorily met our job fulfillment requirements. However, if the defect or damage turns out to be a production error we’ve missed during the quality check process, then a full refund or partial refund will be made. Our customer service representatives will provide you with further information concerning our product return policy.

Can I cancel or change my order?

This depends on how far ahead we are within the production stages. We suggest that you should always make a final check on the draft of your design files before you submit them. Once You have submit to print, you will not be able to cancel or make changes to your order. The printing process begins as soon as we get the "okay" from you (post proof review).

 Turnaround Time

How long will it take to get my products?

It depends on what you order. Please make a concerted effort to check out the turn-around time while you are making your order. The turn-around time includes our production time, but not the shipping/delivery time.

File Preparation

The following guidelines will help you to properly prepare your print jobs. Print jobs we accept can be prepared using the following software:


Please make sure that all files are PDF or JPG files saved at 600 dpi or higher.

“Bleed” information:

Bleed is a printing term that refers to printing that goes beyond the paper after trimming to size. The bleed is the extension of an image, color or design to the edge of the final artwork. Our bleed size is a minimum 2mm.

Spot UV, Foil Stamp, Emboss file setup:

All files submitted for production purposes, such as Spot UV, Foil Stamp, emboss, must be prepared in a vector format. We advise to always create a file to show only the area that needs Spot UV, Foil Stamp or emboss on solid black layer. Please contact us for additional instructions if you have questions.

Our Proofing Process:

After placing your order, you will receive from us within 48 hours an email notification. Secondly, we’ll send you an electronic proof for review and approval. As soon as the proof is approved by you we will begin the printing process and ship in a timely manner. Also, please note that all payments made during the ordering process are applicable only to the fees associated with printing and shipping. However, if your artwork file was not properly setup when submitted, then we will have to make the necessary adjustments, which of course, will attract a setup fee of which a MPS agent will so advised you.


What types of shipping methods do you offer?

We currently use UPS as our shipping courier of choice. It offers both Ground and Air services. However, it is more economical to ship via Ground Service, but it takes more time. If you want a faster deliver, then the Express Service would be a better choice.

Return Policy

Can I return my print products?

If after you have received your order, and for some reason or the other you are not satisfied, pleased contact our customer service department within 7 business days concerning a refund. Our staff will resolve the issue with you, however, MPS reserve the right via our policy to reject the refund for inquires made after 7 business days.

How do I return the print products?

If you wish to return a product for one reason or another, MPS will help you with the process by you with the shipping labels. You can either schedule the courier for pick up or drop the return shipment to any shipping location via courier.

What should I do after I ship back the products?

Please allow at least 10 business days for us to receive and inspect the damaged products. After that, we’ll advise your of our whatever decision we have taken.